Developers and HIPAA

Desktop application for Videodermatoscopy

Godo morning,


We are an Italian software house and we would like to commercialize our software for Videodermatoscopy in USA.

Before that we would be sure that our software is HIPPA compliant because it stores patient's health information such as: name, surname, address, phone number, information about health status and specific information about patient's diseasies, photos of the patient and its mole, therapies, etc.etc.

How can we check the software compliance with HIPPA privacy rules?


Our software is a desktop software and it is used and managed by Dermatologists in their studies or in hospital.



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Who are your customers? Check all that apply : Health plans or health care providers

What is your organization? : Developer of Mhealth apps (not mobile medical apps), Software developer not specific to health care


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