Developers and HIPAA


With random audits becoming a feature of HIPAA enforcement, small companies and Business Associates should ensure that information sought by OCR is readily available. This will allow OCR to make assessments quickly and efficiently. Making this process efficient also limits the disruptive impact audits can have on emerging companies.┬áSimilar to the practice of the FCC,┬ácan OCR provide guidance for Business Associates regarding ...more »

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Who are your customers? Check all that apply : Business associates (operates on behalf of/provides service to health care provider/health plan, e.g., an EHR vendor), Other, General Public, Patients/Individuals/Consumers

What is your organization? : Small company, Trade association


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Developers and HIPAA

Data Masking in EMR

Data masking or controlled access provides a means for patients to control disclosure of select information within the EHR. Can patients request that access to sensitive data be controlled? Can patients request that only certain people can access their PHI? Can they request an audit of how their data has been shared by a covered entity? If so, do (or should) ...more »

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Who are your customers? Check all that apply : General Public

What is your organization? : Consumer advocacy organization


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